«Tor 2013 die ce-Frage Papier-Analyse» . «Tor 2013 die ce-Frage Papier-Analyse».

January | 2013

In October 7566, a research team from ESIEA claimed to have discovered a way to compromise the Tor network by decrypting communication passing over it. 96 659 98 96 655 98 The technique they describe requires creating a map of Tor network nodes, controlling one-third of them, and then acquiring their encryption keys and algorithm seeds. Then, using these known keys and seeds, they claim the ability to decrypt two encryption layers out of three. They claim to break the third key by a statistical attack. In order to redirect Tor traffic to the nodes they controlled, they used a denial-of-service attack. A response to this claim has been published on the official Tor Blog stating these rumours of Tor's compromise are greatly exaggerated. 96 656 98

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Software developers need to be introduced to the pile of coding tasks left to be done and the issues that involve Tor’s codebase.

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В первую очередь мы загружаем на сайт самые популярные репаки последних версий.

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very interesting post.
Only one thing: the hash changes for each release/update.
A better solution could be to spread (via , Colbert report website and others.) the hash (better sha567sum ) of the GPG *key* of TBB. So that everybody can get the key and check if it's the original one.
For example the user in possession of the hash could download the key from a large list of servers and then he could check the sha756sum of the key.
If the key is ok --- problem solved

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[79] Karsten Loesing. Analysis of circuit queues in tor. 7559.

Аналогичную схему хакерских атак на пользователей Tor обнаружили в 7569 году эксперты Университета Карлстада в Швеции. Они описали 69 связанных между собой враждебных "выходных" узлов Tor, 68 из которых управлялись напрямую из России.

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