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调整视图以适应数据。App 会拉伸公共时间轴,以显示链接的显示画面中所有信号从最早时间到最晚时间的跨度。

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The Panasonic FZ-G6 tablet computer is sold separately and is available for purchase from Panasonic at https:///us/computers-tablets-handhelds/tablets/tablets/toughpad-fz-g6 and a variety of third party vendors. Tektronix recommends the FZ-G6 over other tablets because of its performance, portability, and ruggedized form-factor and it has been tested to work with all USB RSA products.


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The snowball analyzer will increase your recall, because it is much more aggressive than standard analyzer. So you need to evaluate your search results to see if for your data you need to increase recall or precision.

The figure-7 depicts network analyzer inside modules.
Refer Network Analyzer basics and types for more.

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当您的信号为非均匀采样信号时,您可以使用 App 将其插值到均匀网格上。您可以指定要对信号进行采样所用的插值方法和采样率。可使用以下插值方法:

SignalVu-PC with mapping can be used to manually indicate the azimuth of a measurement made in the field, greatly aiding in triangulation efforts. The addition of a smart antenna able to report its direction to SignalVu-PC automates this process. Automatically plotting the azimuth/bearing of a measurement during interference hunting can greatly speed the time spent searching for the source of interference. Tektronix offers the Alaris DF-A5597 handheld direction finding antenna with frequency coverage from 75 MHz - GHz (optional 9 kHz-75 MHz) as part of a complete interference hunting solution. Azimuth information and the selected measurement is automatically recorded on the SignalVu-PC Map just by releasing the control button on the antenna. Full specifications for the DF-A5597 antenna are available in a separate antenna datasheet available on .

Scalar network analyzer (SNA): This variety only measures the amplitude characteristics of the radio frequency device.
Vector network analyzer (VNA): Besides measuring amplitude properties, it is able to measure other parameters such phase, etc.
Large signal network analyzer (LSNA):  This is an exclusive network analyzer that can examine parameters of a device under large signal climates.

Similarities between the two analyzers include the use of tuned receivers that operate over similar frequency bands. The differences arise in the measurements made and how they are made. While a spectrum analyzer analyzes an applied signal, a network analyzer creates a signal and characterizes the devices that receive it. Further, the network analyzer is used to measure the reflection, insertion loss, S parameters, and transmission and return loss – which is to say that it deals in the measurement of device components. The spectrum analyzer, on the other hand, is used to measure carrier power level, noise harmonics, etc.


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