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6,698 applicants receive offer of first preference course in latest CAO third-level round

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Strong emphasis on environmental issues in exam with &lsquo nice mix of topics&rsquo

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Programme Director, Centre for Democracy & Peace Building

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Marriage Equality Australia believes result in Ireland gives hope to movement

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The Irish professor of law cooking up a storm in her &lsquo quarantine kitchen&rsquo in Birmingham

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Research suggests screening for certain genetic variants will enable earlier diagnosis

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Are Ireland’s wars truly over? For some people, there is still a hierarchy of victims

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Hawker dragonflies are on the wing, including the southern hawker. The males are black with vivid cyan and green markings on both thorax and abdomen the females are brown with green markings, lacking the blue. All dragonflies are predators, their fast, agile and highly manoeuvrable flight helping them to take insects like mosquitoes, beetles, moths and even other dragonflies on the wing, as well as evade birds like the hobby, pied flycatcher and wagtail. The southern hawker is particularly inquisitive, and will approach and investigate passing humans quite closely. Its larvae are often found in garden ponds where they eat everything from midge nymphs and bloodworms to tadpoles and small fish.

Behavioural economist Pete Lunn explains the way our brains come up with a best guess guess when we don&rsquo t know something


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