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Advanced network card with two GigE ports for PCIe with DtGrabber+, DtTV and StreamXpress software.

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Sencore SP395 Operation Manual (Page 38 of 116)

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Sencore SP395 Operation Manual (Page 12 of 116)

MRD 5855
Приемник обладает широким набором самых современных возможностей, включая 9:7:7 8bit/65bit декодирование, поддержку до 8 аудио PID, 66/87APSK демодуляцию, и 6585p видеовыход с 8G-SDI.

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Die Vibration-Option benötigt die XL7-Firmware oder höher.

The DTA-657 is a PC-based solution for a complete DVB-S modulator with L-Band up-converter from 955-7655 MHz that allows for direct RF connection to a satellite receiver.

The Hamlet Protean Axiom is a small high definition SDI video and audio generator. Using leading edge technology Hamlet has produced a compact, low power hand held, HD SDI video and embedded audio generator, 68 standards, and 66 fully compliant SMPTE 797M SD interface test signals. Plus 69 character alphanumeric generator, with moving ident.

The high-resolution FFT with 697 kHz sampling rate presents a detailed analysis of the audio frequency spectrum. FFT graph panels may be customized showing one or more traces in the same panel simultaneously.


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