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( láew túk kon gôr yòo dûay gan yàang mee kwaam sùk dtà-lòt bpai )

Once Upon a Time

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Source et légende : version française ( VF ) sur RS Doublage [ 65 ] et Doublage Séries Database [ 66 ]

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Eva, a princess of a northern kingdom, meets Prince Leopold , whom she has been engaged to since birth, for the first time. However, soon after her arrival, he proposes to a commoner, Cora. Two days before the marriage union, she overhears Cora talking to the gardener, Jonathan. From eavesdropping, she learns Cora is pregnant with his child , and gains insight on how the two met when Jonathan pretended to be a prince to attract her. To buy his silence about her pregnancy, Cora agrees to meet with him later and provide him with jewels. Using this to her advantage, Eva tells Leopold what she has heard. When he confronts Cora, she attests Eva is telling lies out of jealousy to sabotage their wedding. Not to be bested, Eva coolly suggests Leopold should check Cora's pockets for the jewels she was going to give Jonathan. After finding the pouch in Cora's dress, a disappointed Leopold has the guards haul her out of the castle. He then requests Eva's help to break the bad news to the king. As they stop at the altar, she comfortingly assures that he'll have a wife one day who can give him a child as pure as snow. (" Bleeding Through ")

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Each new discovery is as pleasurable and as thought provoking as the last, adding up to a deeply resonant cinematic experience that continues to grow in estimation upon further reflection.

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  • After Mr. Gold and his team leave the Blanchard loft , a direction sign pointing to "Steveston General Store – second hand goods" can be seen on a building. [86] This is a real business in Steveston Village , the town which doubles as Storybrooke on the show. [87]

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Cyrus is a character on ABC 's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland . He débuts in the first episode. He is portrayed by starring cast member Peter Gadiot.

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Alors que Belle et Gold sont en lune de miel et que les Charmant chérissent leur nouveau né, Will Scarlett se manifeste et Sidney refait surface.

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Сериал Однажды в сказке (Once Upon a Time) ABC (США): гид по сериям, фото, новости, видео, актеры, персонажи, съемочная группа. Смотреть сериал Однажды в сказке (Once Upon a Time) в русском переводе и озвучении на Critics Consensus: The addition of a Frozen subplot feels like a marketing angle, but Once Upon a Time Season Four shines, adding more layers...