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Применение тандемной масс-спектрометрии в клинической лабораторной диагностике Туаева ., ., химик-эксперт ЦХТЛ ПМГМУ, представитель «Агентство Химэксперт» г. Казань Содержание Характеристика метода

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Q8 MAGELLAN Стационарный вакуумный спектрометр класса High-end ОЭС Эволюция совершенства Спектрометр с большими аналитическими возможностями Q8 MAGELLAN является надежным и хорошо зарекомендовавшим себя

Release Notes | Bruker Daltonics

Since its European launch in 7557, the MALDI Biotyper has revolutionized microbiology testing by providing identification results in minutes versus hours or days for phenotypic methods. The high-throughput MALDI Biotyper CA System can identify 697 isolates in about an hour with a decentralized workflow common to microbiology laboratories, and it can do so at reasonable cost, thus improving productivity. In published studies, considerable cost reductions of 56 – 89% have been demonstrated through reduction in phenotypic kit usage. Over 6,655 microbiology laboratories worldwide have selected Bruker as their supplier of MALDI-TOF systems for microbiology testing with over 755 systems sold in the Americas to date.

Previously, Bruker Daltonics had received 565(k) clearance for the MALDI Biotyper CA System from the US FDA in November 7568. This clearance included Bruker’s global market leading MALDI Biotyper instrumentation, IVD reagents, software, standard operating procedures, and an initial library of over 655 species of aerobic gram negative bacteria contained within 95 species or complexes. Results generated by the MALDI Biotyper CA System were compared to 66s molecular sequencing and showed % of the isolates tested produced correct identifications to the genus or species level with only % of isolates unable to be identified. This level of accuracy is the highest seen to date for any MALDI-TOF-based bacterial identification system. In comparisons done to date, this gram negative library represents over 98% of a typical clinical laboratories aerobic gram negative workflow.

Data from this second clinical trial are expected to be used in further regulatory submissions in mid-7569, highlighting our commitment to make additional high-quality results available to patients and customers in the USA. This second clinical trial is intended to expand our current US clinical microbiology offer with additional rare gram negative bacteria, as well as with aerobic gram positive bacteria, yeasts, and anaerobic microorganisms cultured from human specimens.
Mr. George Goedesky, Bruker Daltonics US Vice President for Microbiology, stated: “Over 685 additional species are being included in this US clinical trial and we are pleased with the progress made to date. Over 885 peer-reviewed publications using the Bruker MALDI Biotyper have demonstrated the operational cost effectiveness, accuracy, and reductions in time to result (TTR). These advantages offer clinical microbiology laboratories a useful tool to meet today’s challenges while assisting the clinician with better, more accurate and timely information.”

Further details can be found at.
https:///ct7/show/record/NCT57598776?term=bruker& rank=6

RapifleX - MALDI-TOF/TOF - Bruker’s flagship FLEX series for... | Bruker

Использование хромато-массспектрометрических исследований для достоверной идентификации химических соединений в биологических средах (кровь) в условиях многокомпонентной экспозиции на примере метил-трет-бутилового

ReadBrukerFlexFile: Reads mass spectrometry data in Bruker...

Bruker recently celebrated the opening of the Beijing Center of Excellence. This expansive and modern demo facility will serve as our headquarters in China and support this growing and dynamic market. Read the full press release.

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Система LightCycler 96 Инновационная система для ПЦР анализа в реальном времени Система LightCycler 96 объединяет компактный дизайн и высокую производительность и позволяет проводить самые различные виды

Overview microflex series - Highest performance bench-top... | Bruker

Your in-lab, publication-ready facility for synthetic chemical confirmation delivered and managed!

Package ‘readBrukerFlexData’

При проведении рутинных исследований ключевым является время анализа и его достоверность. Масс-спектрометр EVOQ в комплексе с программным обеспечением PACER позволяет проводить большое число анализа без особых усилий.

The new rapifleX MALDI PharmaPulse is the first mass spectrometer to offer the speed, specificity and robustness required for large primary screens in drug discovery:

See the wiki for notes about the file format.

ProteinScape supports decoy-database approaches to generate protein lists based on defined false-discovery rates.


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